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Stop Compromising your Treatments

You can keep messing with the wrong tools and questioning your results, or you can get the right tool for the job and get confident care, superior results, and happy patients.

Start Treating with Confidence!

With the Pointoselect Digital, you can rest assured you are giving your patients the auriculotherapy treatment their bodies need to achieve balance.

   Accurate, active point detection
   Superior treatment modalities
   Positive and negative polarity
   Correct frequencies for optimal results
   Immediate changes in chi balance >>

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Pointoselect Digital Starter Package

This package includes:

• Pointoselect Digital device
• Completely re-done Pointoselect Digital English manual
• Online Pointoselect Digital Training Videos
• BONUS: Nogier Ear Frequency Zone Chart

• Free shipping within the USA!

A package worth $694, order now and get the bonuses for free!

Price:    $694    $595 - Save $99!


Get 1 Year of the Auriculo 360 Individual Plan FREE with the purchase of a Pointoselect Digital!

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Normally $724, get the Pointoselect Digital AND 1 free year of the Auriculo 360 Individual Plan (normally $129) for $595 for a limited time!

Your total for the Pointoselect and 1 Year of Auriculo 360?



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Our Commitment to You

We’ll be there for you! Whether you need training, technical support, or customer service, we’ll pick up the phone when you call. No robots here.

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We will protect you with a 60-day, money back guarantee. This is a no-risk decision!

User Experiences

  • I love my pointoselect. Easy to use. I use it as a branch treatment at the end of my sessions. I love that it is bipolar and I can sedate and tonify at the same time

  • Once we’ve explained the imbalances on the computer, we use the microcurrent device to treat and diagnose the points. As we put the device on the point, we can tell if it’s excess or deficient—if there’s too much energy, or not enough. The device can change the voltage and amperage to treat that point and balance things out.

  • You don’t feel anything. There’s no pain involved. As we go through and treat all of the points necessary, the body gets back into balance, and [our patients] can start to feel better.

  • It’s a fantastic device for treating those imbalances in those that don’t want to try acupuncture, or have some fear and anxiety associated with it. We’ve used it for young children all the way up to adults.

  • What’s fantastic with the theory of acupuncture is it doesn’t matter if it’s a needle, or the microcurrent device, if we treat it, the body gets better.

Start doing auriculotherapy the right way with the Pointoselect Digital!

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