Pointoselect Digital

Superior Acupuncture Point Detection and Treatment

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Find Active Points

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Use the Correct Frequency

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Use the Correct Polarity

Pointoselect Digital:

Superior Point Detection and Treatment

The Pointoselect Digital combines positive and negative point detection, advanced treatment protocols, and popular preset frequencies in one powerful device. It’s everything you need for effective, convenient body and ear point treatment!

For Auricular Points:

The Pointoselect Digital has all the flexibility you need for advanced auricular work. Bipolar point detection with adjustable sensitivity ensures you’ll find precisely the right point, whether it has positive or negative polarity. Treatment is just as flexible, giving you ultimate control over intensity, frequency, even pulse-width.

For Body Points:

The Pointoselect Digital provides precision point locating and flexible treatment protocols to get results.

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Do you Struggle with Auriculotherapy Treatments?

Do your treatments make a difference?

Are you able to deliver the correct treatment at the correct time to the correct point?

Do you understand the importance of polarity and frequency?

Are you frustrated that the best auriculotherapy tools aren’t available?

Is auriculotherapy more of a mystery than a solution?

Are you sick of auriculotherapy training that doesn’t help you?


We Know Auriculotherapy

To give the best Auriculotherapy treatment, there are 3 essential factors: the right reference, the right tool, and the right frequency/polarity.

We’ve helped more than 10,000 auriculotherapy practitioners get better results with our tools. As the developers of the world-class auriculotherapy reference software, Auriculo 360, we decided it was time to get the best treatment tool for auriculotherapy so you can deliver the most effective treatment, every time.

The most accurate and effective auriculotherapy treatment tool is the Pointoselect Digital.

If you want to do Auriculotherapy the right way...

…the Pointoselect Digital is the tool you need.



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Read our free, 2-page guide that teaches you “The THREE Essential Factors for Powerful Auriculotherapy Treatments.”



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Revolutionize your treatments with the most effective, affordable, FDA-cleared auriculotherapy device on the market.



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Learn how to be successful with your Pointoselect with our 10-module online training course with Dr. Adrian Larsen.

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Pointoselect & Stimplus Pro

Learn about the differences between the Pointoselect Digital and the Stimplus Pro, and when we recommend using each device.


Advanced Auriculotherapy Treatments

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The Best Tool Around

Breakthrough Probe Design: This probe does it all—with nested detection tips, visual point indicators, and treatment control at your fingertips, you can locate and treat without ever putting it down. Best of all, we’ve put it all in a design that’s light enough for precision work.

Advanced Electronics: Digital circuitry provides precision treatment control for superior results.

Expert Training: Every Pointoselect Digital comes with access to our advanced video training course where we’ll show you everything you need to know.

Outstanding Value: Superior to other devices that cost many times the price.


More Valuable Auriculotherapy Videos

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Why Every Acupuncturist Should Know and Use Auriculotherapy
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The Problems With Our Tools Today
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The Game Changer for Auriculotherapy

EAM Special Edition Pointoselect Digital

Treat Body Points with Needles & Powerful Electroacupuncture

EAM Special Edition Pointoselect Digital

We re-engineered the existing, FDA-cleared Pointoselect Digital for use with acupuncture needles. The result? The only electroacupuncture tool you need for powerful and effective treatment.

The EAM (Electroacupuncture Medicine) Special Edition Pointoselect Digital includes all the advantages of the standard Pointoselect Digital, plus the needle stimulation lead set for EA work. The EAM edition gives the modern electroacupuncture medicine practitioner access to all the parameters and protocols necessary for truly revolutionary treatments, and does it all with the ease and precision we’ve come to expect from Pointoselect Digital.

Unlike the regular Pointoselect Digital, the EAM Special Edition Pointoselect Digital can be used for both auriculotherapy point detection and treatment AND electroacupuncture stimulation with acupuncture needles.

If you are interested in doing electroacupuncture with needle stimulation, we recommend purchasing the EAM Special Edition Pointoselect Digital.

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The EAM Special Edition Pointoselect Digital Needle Stimulator Lead Set allows you to use the Pointoselect Digital you already own for powerful electroacupuncture work. This outstanding tool gives the modern electroacupuncture medicine practitioner access to all the parameters and protocols necessary for truly revolutionary treatments. Simply connect the Needle Stimulator Lead Set to your Pointoselect Digital to be fully set up for needle stimulation on the body and electroacupuncture work!

*Please note this product is a lead set only and cannot be used without the Pointoselect Digital Controller.


What About That White Pointoselect I've Heard About?

We had heard some of the same rumors, too. And while we believed there was some truth to it for a while, we decided to really dig into it and see what the real story was. You'll probably be as surprised as we were with the results! Here's a video of what happened:

Stop Compromising your Treatments

You can keep messing with the wrong tools and questioning your results, or you can get the right tool for the job and get confident care, superior results, and happy patients.

Start Treating with Confidence!

With the Pointoselect Digital, you can rest assured you are giving your patients the auriculotherapy treatment their bodies need to achieve balance.

   Accurate, active point detection
   Superior treatment modalities
   Positive and negative polarity
   Correct frequencies for optimal results
   Immediate changes in chi balance >>

Why buy your Pointoselect Digital from Miridia Technology?

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We’ve heard from customers who have tried to purchase a white device out of Europe or from other, sketchy suppliers who occasionally try to sell inferior or counterfeit goods under the Pointoselect Digital name. Don’t make a potentially dangerous mistake! Here’s what you need to know:

We are the ONLY authorized and LEGAL importer of the Pointoselect Digital in the United States.

The white and blue Pointoselect Digital units are the very same device, with the only difference being case color. Don’t fall for the story that the (non-FDA-cleared) white device from Europe is somehow superior. We’ve got the proof. Learn more here >>

When you buy from us, you know you’re getting legal, FDA-cleared goods that meet strict quality standards.

Your certified Pointoselect Digital from Miridia Technology will have our exclusive seal of approval, indicating that we’ve tested its quality and accuracy, and we stand behind it for service, support and warranty.

We provide extensive training and resources to our customers for effective use of the Pointoselect Digital. We also provide excellent customer service, and even access to practitioners to answer your questions.

We offer technical support, a 1 year warranty, and a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you ever experience problems with your Pointoselect Digital, we have technicians standing by with the help you need.

When you purchase from us, you get our exclusive Nogier Frequency Zone Ear Card, which will help you easily treat the ear with the correct frequency.

Remember, your device is only as good as the company standing behind it. Insist on the genuine article, from Miridia Technology.

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Our Commitment to You

We’ll be there for you! Whether you need training, technical support, or customer service, we’ll pick up the phone when you call. No robots here.

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We will protect you with a 60-day, money back guarantee. This is a no-risk decision!

User Experiences

  • I love my pointoselect. Easy to use. I use it as a branch treatment at the end of my sessions. I love that it is bipolar and I can sedate and tonify at the same time

  • Once we’ve explained the imbalances on the computer, we use the microcurrent device to treat and diagnose the points. As we put the device on the point, we can tell if it’s excess or deficient—if there’s too much energy, or not enough. The device can change the voltage and amperage to treat that point and balance things out.

  • You don’t feel anything. There’s no pain involved. As we go through and treat all of the points necessary, the body gets back into balance, and [our patients] can start to feel better.

  • It’s a fantastic device for treating those imbalances in those that don’t want to try acupuncture, or have some fear and anxiety associated with it. We’ve used it for young children all the way up to adults.

  • What’s fantastic with the theory of acupuncture is it doesn’t matter if it’s a needle, or the microcurrent device, if we treat it, the body gets better.


Pointoselect Features

• Audio and visual body point and auricular point detection Adjustable sound volume
• Positive and negative point detection
• Visual treatment intensity indicator
• Adjustable point location sensitivity to eliminate false positives
• Adjustable treatment intensity for effective, comfortable stimulation
Seven Nogier Treatment Frequencies: 2.3, 4.6, 9.1, 18.3, 36.5, 73, 146 Hz.
Seven Bahr Treatment Frequencies: 2.3, 4.5, 9.4, 18.7, 37.5, 74.9, 149.9 Hz.
Twelve Reininger Treatment Frequencies: 6.44, 4.32, 3.68, 5.48, 3.88, 6.18, 5.21, 4.77, 4.14, 5.72, 4.55, 3.45 Hz. One-touch switching between preset frequencies
• Automatic power shut off when not in use
• Lightweight, compact design is comfortable and user friendly
• Well-designed, accessible controls are always at your fingertips
• FDA 510K Registered K123958
• One year replacement warranty covers parts and labor


  • Power Source

  • 9V battery

  • Output Voltage

  • 0-200 Volts

  • Frequency Range

  • 2-149.9 Hz.

  • Pulse Width

  • 60-120 µs

  • Point Detection

  • Bipolar, adjustable sensitivity

  • Treatment Polarity

  • Positive and negative, set automatically

  • Warranty

  • One year warranty

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